How can we support you?

The LATC 24/7 Interlinking Platform is a cloud computing offering to generate RDF links between datasets in the Linked Open Data cloud.

We maintain a library of open source toolkits that cover all stages of the Linked Data publication and consumption process.

In the LATC project we publish data sources of Institutions and Bodies of the European Union as Linked Open Data to seed the EU data cloud.

In LATC we supporting both institutions as well as individuals with tutorials and best practices concerning Linked Data publication and consumption.

Support? Do I have to pay?

No. It's free and open to everyone!


LATC's knowledge of the technology, vendors and products has helped EEA choose a database backend for its Content Registry tool.

Søren Roug, Head of software development group

Having read the summary of the LATC proposal we believe that this project addresses a pressing issue that affects those researching and also applying Linked Data.

John Sheridan, Head of e-Services and Strategy

LATC project maintains a set of data discovery and crawling tools that are relevant to the BlogForever project. The support that BlogForever receives from LATC takes form of a consultancy and progress reviews.

Vangelis Banos

The expertise of the LATC staff was helpful in guiding us further developing the semantic functionalities offered by

Alexey Boyarsky

Christophe Guéret (VUA) and LATC have not only educated us on triple store alternatives, but also actively participated in making our scientific event data (Eventseer) available as Linked Data.

Thomas Brox Røst

Christophe Guéret's work on enhancing the Sugar platform with semantic technologies is full of promises for One Laptop Per Child project: it will allow many children around the World to publish and consume Linked Data. This fits with OLPC's and Sugar views on learning together by sharing knowledge, and LATC is paving the way for new perspectives in this area.

Bastien Guerry

LATC tutorials are a great entry point for RDF and linked data, especially for autodidacts. It suggests a working set of tools and technologies, among a wide variety that looks confusing at a first glance.

Anne Ghisla

Who is behind this?

LATC is a Specific Support Action (SSA) in the context of the FP7 ICT Challenge 4; it is a publicly funded project, with partners all over Europe and clients around the world.