How can we support you?

The LATC 24/7 Interlinking Platform is a cloud computing offering to generate RDF links between datasets in the Linked Open Data cloud.

We maintain a library of open source toolkits that cover all stages of the Linked Data publication and consumption process.

In the LATC project we publish data sources of Institutions and Bodies of the European Union as Linked Open Data to seed the EU data cloud.

In LATC we supporting both institutions as well as individuals with tutorials and best practices concerning Linked Data publication and consumption.

Support? Do I have to pay?

No. It's free and open to everyone!


The expertise of the LATC staff was helpful in guiding us further developing the semantic functionalities offered by

Alexey Boyarsky

Who is behind this?

LATC is a Specific Support Action (SSA) in the context of the FP7 ICT Challenge 4; it is a publicly funded project, with partners all over Europe and clients around the world.